Health and Fitness, the Fundamentals.

While you will gain valuable knowledge and insights as to motivation,
nutrition and play, the key to ultimately improving and sustaining your health and fitness is developing productive habits-habits of mind, nutrition habits, and play habits.
In addition to the video segments you have support material ranging from the High Performance Health & Fitness Habits book (pdf format)
to slides accompanying select video segments, to Habits Change Plan worksheets, to summary sheets and more.
Habits are built by repetition, this program is by design, repetitious.
The material is not complex or difficult. The biggest challenge is overcoming your own barriers to change- those habits holding you back.
With persistence and determination, and the help of a few friends, you can, step by step, habit by habit, start moving in a new direction.
Once you have the right MINDSET, NUTRITION and PLAY habits (MNOP habits), you properly activate your body's automatic pilot and your health and fitness will be the best they can be.
THis habits change is up to you.
Commit to a routine right from the start.
Determine how much of this program you will review each day.
Enter that commitment into your calendar.
Take notes from the video segments and set aside time to think about and discuss, if possible, the material.
Life is a product of our core beliefs, these are the beliefs we develop over a lifetime.
Core beliefs determine our approach to living, an approach we empower through habits.
Change your habits and begin getting new results.
New results will cause beliefs to begin changing.
The preeminent habit to change is MINDSET. How and what you think determines your nutrition habits and your play or activity habits.
Nothing is going to work right-including your play or activity habits.
Nothing is going to work right.
The subconscious- the primary basis of your mindset- can be a "tough nut to crack".
By adopting new habits you begin consistenly presenting new results to your subconscious and with new evidence beliefs begin to change.
With diligence and persistence new habits of mind will emerge.
Then you will be living the life of your dreams.

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