LEAN-The Ultimate Skinny-Fat Solution

The 'Science' behind FBX-LEAN Workout Plans:
Training 3 times a week with weights!
Does it come as a surprise to you? Well, I don’t blame you
You are probably conditioned by Conventional Wisdom – you know,
those generally accepted beliefs that you can find in nearly every book or website.
It’s what “they” say you should or shouldn’t do,
and these theories generally go unchallenged.
These conventional sources ( fitness and muscle magazines and trainers ) promote:
Excessive use of supplements – the more the better, which explains why a spilt-
routine system almost doubles their profit!
Add pre-workouts drinks,sport drinks to be consumed during the workouts,
BCAA’s and you got a nice bundle there.
They promote programs that are useless to the masses.
Most of the programs are geared toward champion bodybuilders who are on steroids and/or other drugs.
These programs require you to be in the gym almost every day which ultimately leads to a unbalanced lifestyle.

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